Work continues on home for historic bank


One of the most prominent examples of downtown Lindale’s transformation has been taking place during the past few weeks at one of the city’s most historic locations.

Construction workers have been busy moving dirt at the corner of Highway 69 and FM 16 in preparation for Texas State Bank’s (formerly Lindale State Bank) new home.

Bank president Carroll Anderson said the new facility (approximately 7,200 square feet) will be ready for business later this year and the entire project, which will include a revamped parking lot and greenbelt areas, will be completed early in 2019.

The current bank, which is one of Lindale’s most historic businesses, will be torn down and the space used for parking.

Anderson said this project had to be put on the back burner after a fire destroyed the Canton branch of Texas Bank and Trust.

He also said some time ago, workers found a slab with the year 1928 carved into it. That particular bank suffered the same fate as thousands did in the Great Depression and had to close in the 1930s.

But in 1945, the current bank – under the Lindale State Bank logo – came into being and has been serving customers since.

Anderson added that part of the current work is a joint project with the city of Lindale in which storm drains are being redirected and the size of culverts being increased to help ease flooding concerns on FM 16.


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