Rottweiler needs family’s love


City of Lindale impoundment facility officials are looking for good homes for the deserving dogs currently in their care and the Lindale News and Times is more than willing to help.

Code Enforcement Officer Kristi Freislinger is in charge of the impoundment facility and is also the one who has to pick up dogs in violation of the city’s leash laws.

She has agreed to provide the newspaper with information and a photo on a dog available for adoption at the facility on a regular basis.

This week, a friendly, female Rottweiler is featured.

Freislinger said this pooch understands some basic commands and is eager for a forever home.

If you are interested in adopting this four-legged friend, call 903-882-6861. You can meet her or any of the other dogs in need of a loving family at the facility.

Also, you can check out the other dogs by logging onto

Freislinger has the task of capturing dogs in violation of the city leash law and safely installing them in the impoundment facility. She isn’t simply a dog catcher – she truly cares about each dog in the facility and would be happy if it was empty all the time.

Along with providing advice and guidance to the city’s dog owners, Freislinger keeps the animal control Facebook page ( updated.


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