‘Pride of Lindale’ Band registers 44th straight top rating


It seems accurate to say that “The Pride of Lindale’’ has been marching to higher and higher success levels during the past 44 years and a recent contest in Nacogdoches bears this out.

“The Pride of Lindale Marching Band’’ secured its 44th consecutive top rating at the UIL District Contest held Saturday, Oct. 30 in Nacogdoches.

Lindale ISD Band Director Steven Moore, who has led this talented group of students for many years, pointed out how gratifying it is to oversee such a talented group of students and noted how the elements weren’t always in their favor.

“I am extremely proud of this group of students and for the leadership of our drum majors, squad leaders and seniors,” Moore said. “The band has worked hard and has had to endure some adversity with weather this season.’’

His students didn’t let Mother Nature sidetrack them, he said.

“It is always nice to see hard work pay off, especially when you have to work through difficult situations,’’ Moore said. “I would like to thank the LISD school board, administration, the LHS faculty and staff and the Lindale community for their support. In addition, I want to thank my hard working band parents for all their help this marching season.”  

The Region Contest is judged to a standard as defined by UIL with judges rating on a scale of 1-5. The overall ranking is a composite of all three judges’ ratings. 

“I am so proud of the “Pride of Lindale,” said Stan Surratt, Lindale ISD Superintendent. “This band has grown so much this year, getting better each and every week with their marching performances. I can’t imagine the amount of pressure these high school students were feeling, to uphold the great tradition of our band program.’’

Maintaining this level of success for more than40 years is impressive, Surratt said.

“To perform at the highest level for 44 consecutive years is an amazing accomplishment,’’ Surratt said. “Mr. Moore and his directors should be very proud of this band and their great success, certainly one of the best band programs in Texas.”


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