Lindale joins most of county with sales tax increases


Lindale was one of six Smith County entities to show numbers in the plus category this past month as Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar has released his state sales tax revenue for January.

Merchants in Lindale saw an increase of 7.71 percent compared to this period a year ago, according to Hegar’s figures.

County-wide, Troup, Whitehouse and Tyler were in the negative category.

Bullard had the largest increase at 45.6 percent, while Arp came in at 34.4 percent.

Across Texas, Hegar reported state sales tax revenue totaled $2.45 billion in January, 0.7 percent less than in January 2016.

"Sales tax collections reflect tepid spending by both businesses and consumers," Hegar said. "Receipts from the information sector were up, but declines were seen in receipts from the construction and mining sectors, as well as retail trade."

Total sales tax revenue for the three months ending in January 2017 was up by 0.3 percent compared with the same period a year ago. Sales tax revenue is the largest source of state funding for the state budget, accounting for 58 percent of all tax collections in fiscal 2016. Motor vehicle sales and rental taxes, motor fuel taxes and oil and natural gas production taxes also are large revenue sources for the state.

In January 2017, Texas collected the following revenue from those taxes:

motor vehicle sales and rental taxes — $406.9 million, up 6.9 percent from January 2016;

motor fuels taxes — $295.7 million, up 1.4 percent from January 2016;

oil and natural gas production taxes — $248.4 million, up 28.4 percent from January 2016; and

total tax collections — $3.71 billion, up 2.2 percent from January 2016.

Smith County’s figures are:

ARP: $14,682.97 for 2017; $10,923.79 for 2016, up 34.41 percent

BULLARD: $102,164.08 for 2017; $70,150.46 for 2016, up 45.63 percent

LINDALE: $517,757.52 for 2017; $480,688.28 for 2016, up 7.71 percent

NEW CHAPEL HILL: $2,049.06 for 2017; $2,008.29for 2016, up 2.03 percent

NOONDAY: $23,142.25 for 2017; $22,318.98 for 2016, up 3.68 percent

TROUP: $64,577.81 for 2017; $75,814.86 for 2016, down 14.82 percent

TYLER: $7,584,038.77 for 2017; $7,685,640.78 for 2016, down 1.32percent

WHITEHOUSE: $136,609.77 for 2017; $144,586.30 for 2016, down 5.51 percent

WINONA: $28,064.04 for 2017; $22,632.72 for 2016, up 23.99 percent.