How to create seasonal marketing campaigns


Did December catch you off guard, and are you looking to give your business an end of year boost? You’re not alone. Many business owners are looking to create a way to create an effective seasonal marketing campaign that’s both fun and effective.

You might try a few of the following simple ways to market your business this December. They are easy to implement and can be executed on a shoestring budget.

Create an unforgettable experience.

Customers will be rushing to their favorite retailers to finish up their holiday shopping. It is a stressful time for all, but you can help ease that stress by coaching your staff to deal with stressed out customers with patience, kindness and a huge smile. Keep promises, reduce wait times, perhaps even provide free gift wrapping. A little effort can go a long way.

Be Charitable

It’s always a good idea to give back. Consider partnering with a local charity this year to create a campaign that benefits people in your community. A recent Ebiquity Global CSR study found that when choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, 90 percent of U.S. shoppers are likely to switch to the cause branded product.

Go to to find local charities you can trust.

Print Calendars

Despite the wide-spread use of smart phones and other tech gadgets, many people still love to use a simple, old-fashioned calendar to keep track of their day-to-day appointments. A customized calendar that’s branded with your business name and logo makes the perfect customer appreciation gift at this time of year and it’s a great way to keep your company front-and-center for your clients throughout the year.

Make Your Social Media Pages Festive

If you maintain social media accounts for your business (if you don’t, please contact our office), it’s easy to decorate your pages with holiday-themed backgrounds, fonts and photos. You might also consider boosting posts and increasing your ad budget to remain top of mind to your customers and potential customers.

Offer Holiday Promotions

Chances are good that your customers and clients will expect to get a deal during the holiday season, regardless of your industry. Consider offering a holiday promotion and look for ways to encourage your customers to come back to your business in the new year by creating time-limited deals that are good in the month of January.

Send Greeting Cards

Most of us still love to receive cards in our mailboxes. If your company has a mailing list of loyal customers, why not take the time to mail out a personalized, hand-signed greeting card to each, thanking them for patronizing your business over the years. Although it may be time consuming, it is a wonderful and inexpensive way to make your clients feel valued.

Enjoy your holidays, and have a safe and Happy New Year!

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Mechele Mills is the President|CEO for the Better Business Bureau Serving Central East Texas. Prior to her role at BBB, she led and consulted organizations of all sizes, managing operations, sales marketing, and personnel for both the public and private sector. She holds a Bachelor’s in Journalism/PR from the University of Texas at Tyler and a Master’s in Business Administration from Baylor University.


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