East Centennial/I-20 ramp work under way


Texas Department of Transportation crews have begun the Interstate 20 Ramp Improvement Project from U.S. Highway 69 to Jim Hogg Road in Lindale, the first stage of providing access for the city’s East Centennial/I-20 North Parallel Corridor.

This area is a planning partnership involving the city of Lindale, Smith County, the Texas Department of Transportation and eventually, the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The creation of new entrance and exit ramps off I-20 at Jim Hogg Road will not only allow for access to the Centennial area, but will also indicate to city officials where water and sewer lines can go as well as determine zoning for the area.

Longview Bridge and Road has the contract – at $14.8 million – and TxDOT spokesperson Kathi White said the anticipated completion is summer 2020.

In addition to the I-20/Jim Hogg Road project, White said the FM 849 Bridge Replacement Project has been completed.

In November, 2017, a tractor trailer carrying a wide load crashed into the bridge, which cut access to the Hideaway area from Interstate 20.

This emergency bridge replacement consisted of removing the existing steel and concrete structure and replacing it with a new 4-span reinforced concrete structure.

Work also included the widening of the bridge approaches and improvements to the I-20 ramps.

Longview Bridge and Road performed the work at a cost of $4.6 million.


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