2013-01-10 / News

Longtime PD Officer Renfro retires

After nearly four decades, the Lindale Police Department will now have to get along without the dedicated service of Officer Mike Renfro, who has announced his retirement.

When he began his career, the Lindale PD consisted of a small building – with a telephone – at the inters ection of South Main and Hubbard Streets.

O n duty officers were required to listen for the phone regardless of where they were or what they were doing.

This was a time before radios and cell phones so this one phone was how officers were dispatched to assists the citizens of Lindale.

Officer Renfro was able to overcome the obstacles associated with growing technology by learning to use an in-car police radio, a mobile computer and even an iPhone.

As a member of the police department, Officer Renfro has worn many hats, including patrol sergeant, code enforcement officer, fire marshal, firearms instructor and range master, all of which he performed with a genuine respect for the law, with total honesty and with a compassionate heart.

During his career, Officer Renfro has accumulated more than 3,700 training hours.

His experience and gentle nature will be greatly missed, LPD officials said, as will his “baritone voice singing hymns in the patrol room at any time of day or night.’’

He plans to use his retirement to spend time with his wife and grandchildren and to play golf.

Officer Renfro will continue his locksmith services.

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