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New constable Bibby sworn in Jan. 1

Kenneth Bibby, who defeated longtime incumbent Dennis Taylor in last year’s election for Precinct 5 Constable, was sworn in on Tuesday, Jan. 1 in the constable’s office.

Bibby, a longtime law enforcement officer in Smith County has his staff in place, uniforms on order and constable vehicles prepped and ready to go.

Before winning the Republican primary this past summer (and running unopposed in the November general election), Bibby had served in the Precinct 2 constable’s office located in south Tyler.

Voters were overwhelming in their support for Bibby, who garnered 72 per- cent of the votes to 27 percent for Taylor. Bibby registered 3,067 votes to 1,179 for Taylor.

He is a graduate of Tyler Junior College, the East Texas Police Academy and the Texas Department of Public Safety Academy.

He also earned a Master Peace Officer Certification with 4,100 hours as well as 2,000 recognized training hours by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Education in a variety of specialized investigative areas.

Bibby has said he has a comprehensive vision for the Precinct 5 office. Rapid changes in technology can be used to fortify the crime-fighting and crime-solving aspects of his office he said.

The new constable also wants his office to be accessible and responsive to the public. He wants to take the office to the next level of law enforcement with a technology driven office, establish neighborhood crime watch groups and use mobile surveillance equipment.

“This type of technology can help keep up with the criminal element,’’ Bibby said.

Having residents email tips, using camera technology and GPS systems are just part of the modernization Bibby said the constable’s office needs.

“There is so much technology that we should be taking advantage of it,’’ he said.

He also is a proponent of neighborhood crime watch programs and feels this could have a big impact on reducing the rate of crime in the area.

“There are community groups who would like to have neighborhood crime watches,’’ Bibby said. “I also think that we can make use of the new technologies to help protect the people who live in the remote areas of the county.’’

A continuation of the K-9 unit will be in place, he said, and he is looking forward to working closely with the law enforcement agencies in the area.

Bibby and his wife Louanne are products of Lindale Independent School District.

The Bibbys met when she was a freshman and he was a senior at Lindale High School.

She attended Baylor after graduation while he was living in Houston working with the Houston office of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

When asked how they kept their relationship going long distance, they both acknowledged plenty of help from a prepaid phone card and the U.S. Postal Service.

Even though there are inherent dangers to law enforcement, Mrs. Bibby has said she doesn’t fear for his safety because she believes “law enforcement is his calling.’’

For the past 13 years, Mrs. Bibby has taught math at Velma Penny Elementary School. In 2011, she was the recipient of the Kinzie Award.

Prior to her tenure at Velma Penny, she worked as a kindergarten teacher for two years. She also has worked in the banking industry and worked for her father’s pharmacy while in high school and college.

Constable Bibby and his staff are scheduled to host a networking lunch at the Lindale Area Business Showcase, scheduled for March 7 in the First United Methodist Church of Lindale.

--Story by Linda Cox

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