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Letter to the editor

On Saturday, Nov. 3, a friend and I decided to make a quick stop at the Lindale McDonald’s on our way home to Vicksburg, Miss. from a conference in Fort Worth.

Little did we know that this intended quick lunch would stretch into hours and come fearfully close to being our last. Two courteous citizens had stopped to allow us to enter the McDonald’s parking lot, while another citizen chose to drive down the shoulder alongside the stopped traffic past signs clearly warning against this.

He crashed into my right front bumper, just short of broad siding us. My friend’s husband is the local coroner in Vicksburg. All we could think about was a wreck that had happened only a week earlier, where a woman was killed when her car was broadsided at an intersection near a McDonald’s.

It would have been bad enough if the story had ended there, but the man who hit us left the scene before I could even call 911.

The kindness and concern we experienced over the next few hours, though, truly overwhelmed us. People seemed to come from everywhere to help.

Three women who witnessed the accident stayed to give their eyewitness reports.

The officers working the accident were also truly amazing. A man in one of the lanes of traffic actually pursued the man who hit us. His quick, unselfish, heroic actions and contact with the Lindale police dispatcher enabled authorities to make a quick apprehension and arrest.

Two of the women who gave reports offered to take us to the Tyler airport to get a rental car. They refused to leave until we got the car, and then gave us instructions to get back on I-20 headed home to Vicksburg.

The representative from Avis even called the next day to make sure we were OK and had safely made it home.

The person instrumental in helping me finally get my car home, though, was Ron at Absolute Towing in Tyler. After picking it up from the impound lot, he and his crew found after a thorough check that it was actually safe to drive. When my husband and I arrived at Absolute Towing, Ron secured the bumper and let me drive around his lot until I felt comfortable.

One of his crew then gave us directions to a restaurant where we could get supper before heading home. Ron’s compassion, professionalism, honesty, and integrity was truly a rare and special gift at a time when I so desperately needed these qualities.

He also called the next morning to make sure I had made it home! All those who helped us honored their communities by choosing to get involved, when it would have been so easy to just drive away like the man who hit us. My friend Barbara, our husbands, children, and families cannot thank you enough for your kindness towards us during this frightening experience. Lindale and Tyler can be proud of this caliber of citizens. May God bless and keep each of you for everything you did for us.

Renee Rodgers
Barbara Huskey,
Vicksburg, Miss.

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