2012-12-13 / News

Local aviator earns Marine distinction

1st Lt. Jonathan Walker 1st Lt. Jonathan Walker 1st Lt. Jonathan W. Walker, a 2006 Lindale High School graduate and aviator in the United States Marines Corps, recently completed the primary flight program in Corpus Christi and received the Commodores Distinction for the highest academic and flight performance.

He is the son of Robert and Mary Walker on Lindale and a 2010 graduate of Texas A&M University.

Lt. Walker has been commissioned to fly jets and will begin training in Kingsville. USMC jet aircraft include the F-18, F-35, Prowler and Harrier II.

Carrier take offs and landings are part of the jet training in Kingsville.

He will be completing additional water survival and centrifugal training before moving to Kingsville with his wife Kelly in early spring.

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