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More offerings from best seller lists

With thanks to a very nice donor, we now have some more new books from the best seller lists.

Action and adventure fans will welcome “The Last Man” by Vince Flynn; “Merry Christmas, Alex Cross” by James Patterson; and “Poseidon’s Arrow” by Clive Cussler. “Sweet Tooth” by well-known English author Ian McEwan tells of a woman working for the British agency MI5.

On a softer note, Barbara Kingsolver has written “Flight Behavior,” about an Appalachian farm wife and her experience with butterflies. Stephanie Plum fans will enjoy Janet Evanovich’s “Notorious Nineteen.”

At this week’s Story- Time (Friday, Dec. 14 at 10:30 a.m.), Melissa will be reading to the preschoolers about quilts and how they keep us warm.

If you love quilts, you can still purchase a ticket on the library’s latest quilt raffle -- Vanilla Jamaica by Nancy Gibson. The drawing will be Jan. 20.

The Library’s Cookie Sale was a big yummy success, thanks to some talented bakers. If you missed it, they’re already planning a repeat for next year.

The gift baskets made by the Library Friends are almost gone, but we still have a good selection of aprons and fleece blankets.

We’ll be closed on Christmas (Dec. 25) and Wednesday, Dec. 26, so come by your library to do your shopping -- or pick up a good book -- before then.

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