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Lindale youngsters show dedication to U.S. soldiers

U.S. soldiers (above) pose with some of the donated Gatorade sent by Lindale’s Young Builder’s Club These soldiers (below) are obviously happy with the donated Gatorade U.S. soldiers (above) pose with some of the donated Gatorade sent by Lindale’s Young Builder’s Club These soldiers (below) are obviously happy with the donated Gatorade This is a story about a dedicated group of Lindale residents and how they are making sure the true spirit of giving isn’t forgotten when it comes to our troops overseas aren’t forgotten.

But most of all, it’s about the tremendous compassion Lindale youngsters have and their dedication to their fellow man.

In the spring of 2012, Gage Walters, a member of the Young Builder’s Club (associated with the Kiwanis Club) at Lindale Junior High School read an e-mail about military personnel needing in Afghanistan needing Gatorade.

The next day at school, he told the fellow club members about this email and a movement began.

Faculty advisor, Mrs. Oglesby got on board, as did Principal Vicki Thrasher, and the rest of the junior high student body.

These young people, with the help of their parents, collected $2,500 worth of powdered Gatorade for the troops fighting overseas.

A portion of the Gatorade went to a local Navy Seal member and his unit, but what to do with the rest?

The Marine Corps Women’s League Auxiliary/ Rose City Chapter contacted the 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines, Echo Battery, which had just been deployed to Afghanistan, and shipped the rest of the Gatorade to these soldiers.

Accompanying the Gatorade, were notes written by the kids, and a disposable camera for the Marines to take pictures with which they could send photos back to the club.

At the final pep rally of this past football season, the Young Builders Club members, faculty members

The care packages from home meant a great deal to the men and women stationed overseas.

“Anything that has a touch of hometown love is always appreciated,’’ said Sharon Coffman, now in her second year as president of the Rose City Chapter of the Marine Corps Women’s League.

The Auxiliary was overjoyed to find out that these outstanding young men and women have again initiated a drive for snacks and other requested items for the Navy Seal unit and other troops to be determined, she said.

The ladies of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary are asking this community to help honor not just the exceptional giving nature and work of these kids, but also the troops serving overseas that are unable to spend this holiday season with their families.

“We get to spend holidays such as Thanksgiving at home with our families,’’ Coffman said. “But these poor soldiers don’t get to.’’

Coffman said the auxiliary can help reach out to your loved ones overseas.

If you have a loved one that is serving overseas in any branch of the armed forces and would like to have them receive a care package of East Texas love, send their name, rank, branch, and APO/FPO address to: Marine Corps League Auxiliary, c/o Sharon Coffman, 12870 FM 16 W, Lindale Texas 75771 or mclaux.rosecity@gmail.com.

If you are interested in donating items, or just want to find out more about the Rose City Unit, Marine Corps Auxiliary, just send a note to the same address and a member will be glad to contact you. The Lindale Junior High School Young Builder’s Club

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