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Sales tax receipt numbers increase again for Lindale

State Comptroller Susan Combs’ office has released its monthly list of sales tax revenue for cities and counties across Texas and once again Lindale was on the plus side of the ledger.

Among Smith County entities, Lindale was fourth with a 3.76 percent increase over the same period from 2011. To date, Lindale has collected $1,871,148.14 compared to $1,803,328.85 from 2011.

Smith County realized a 2.62 percent increase from this time a year ago.

Tyler, the largest of the taxing entities in the county, was up 2.15 percent. New Chapel Hill saw a drop of 21 percent, while Troup was up by 42.6 percent.

Across the state, Combs said revenue in October was $2.03 billion, up 8.2 percent compared to October 2011.

“The state’s growth in sales tax revenue continued to be led by collections from the oil and natural gas-related sectors,” said Combs. “We also saw strong consumer spending drive gains in retail trade and the restaurant sector as well.”

Combs will send November local sales tax allocations totaling $611.5 million to cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts, up 5.4 percent compared to November 2011.

For Smith County cities, figures comparing September 2011 to September 2012 are:

ARP: $58,207.46for 2012; $54,216.74 for 2011, up 7.36 percent

BULLARD: $291,919.31 for 2012; $244,265.80 for 2011, up 19.50 percent

LINDALE: $1,871,148.14 for 2012; $1,893,328.85 for 2011, up 3.76 percent

NEW CHAPEL HILL: $7,952.46 for 2012; $10,068.56 for 2011, down 21.01 percent

NOONDAY: $77,031.94 for 2012; $73,890.82 for 2011, up 4.25 percent

TROUP: $336,898.28 for 2012; $236,211.96 for 2011, up 42.62 percent

TYLER: $32,549,898.01 for 2012; $31,864,566.27 for 2011, up 2.15 percent

WHITEHOUSE: $591,686.74 for 2012; $579,941.71 for 2011, up 2.02 percent

WINONA: $208,575.62 for 2012; $205,780.30 for 2011, up 3.03 percent.

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