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A federal judge in Houston has ruled that the state of Texas can’t end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA, which is good news not only for Texans directly and indirectly affected, but also for the economy. (I was directly involved in the matter and gave testimony regarding the economic effects of DACA.) more
The other day I heard a little boy talkin’ to his momma. He was pointin’ at his belly button and sayin’ somethin’ about his “nabel.” Well when he said that, it reminded me of somethin’ that happened back when I was a little kid. more
The current bull market in U.S. stocks is now the longest on record (according to most people). Unless the economy derails (which is unlikely for the foreseeable future), the bull has room to run, even after nearly 3,500 days on the move. There is not a precise definition of “bull market,” though most people agree that it’s a time of generally rising stock prices, strong economic growth, and high investor confidence. more
The other day, I walked into the house after gettin’ back from a short trip. I walked into the house, threw my duffle bag down, kicked off my boots, and fell down onto the bed. It was at this time the phone rang. I reached over and picked it up. more
I called a buddy of mine last week to see if he wanted to go to lunch. He said that he couldn’t because of a bad toothache. Now that may have been just an excuse not to go out with me, which I’m used to, but it got me to thinkin’ about a toothache that I had about 15 years ago. It was one of those toothaches that you never, ever forget. At first it was really just a dull pain and I really didn’t think too much about it, because I’m always doin’ somethin’ I shouldn’t like crackin’ pecans, walnuts, chompin’ on ice, and stuff like that with my teeth. more
Across the nation, young people -- and many who are not so young -- have begun a new school year. For those attending higher education institutions, a new semester also means a tuition bill. The cost of college has risen substantially, as have living expenses for students. more
Well, it’s about time. It has come to my attention that Sunday, Aug. 26 is National Dog Day. This isn’t to suggest that finally – finally – someone figured out it was time to honor dogs. more
I can’t believe school’s started already. Man, when I was a kid you got a full three month vacation -- or I should say, the teachers got a full three month vacation. Oh well, at least I don’t have to go back to school. That’s one of the advantages of gettin’ old -- you don’t have to do what you don’t want to. Well, most of the time. more
The percentage of Americans who are working continues to fall. Labor force participation peaked in 1997-98, when about 67 percent of people aged 16 through 64 were employed or seeking work (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. During the past 20 years, it has trended generally downward and now stands at less than 63 percent, a significant drop from even 10 years ago, when the rate remained about 66 percent. more
I was havin’ breakfast with one of my buddies a while back, and he made the comment that, in his opinion, the greatest invention ever was soft spread butter. I know when I looked at him after he made this statement he probably thought that I thought he was crazy, but I didn’t. I was thinkin’ that he may be right. more
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